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RTI Survey - the issues you should be thinking about

Are you prepared for the implementation of Real Time Information (RTI)? Have you thought about ALL the relevant issues that could affect your business?

This survey has been designed as an aide to help you consider the issues that you may not have thought about regarding the implementation of RTI and to help you assess your current situation with regards to being fully prepared for RTI.

RTI is the revised PAYE initiative from HMRC introduced to replace end of year reporting through forms P35 and P14. The RTI system will receive data from employers every time a payroll payment is made, including any changes to an employee's personal details; this will ensure that HMRC's data is kept up to date and their records accurate.

RTI is coming into force in 2013.  As part of this, changes to employer's payroll and process systems and record keeping may be necessary to accommodate the new demands placed on them by RTI. The changes required will depend on the population of employees, the payments being made and the systems already in place.

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